Local Author: Brittni Brinn

Brittni Brinn has been involved in many creative endeavours in Windsor. She has co-hosted the radio show Hardcover: A Literary Podcast and has wrote plays for Paper-Knife Theatre. Her newest project is her debut novel, The Patch Project, published by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. The Patch Project is a post-apocalyptic story following a small group of survivors as they navigate their new world … Continue reading Local Author: Brittni Brinn

Shop Local, Shop Etsy: I Paint Words

I Paint Words is an Etsy shop full of paintings featuring inspiring quotes from famous writers and memorable moments from fandoms, such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. Erin Ewing, the artist behind the paintings, was inspired to start painting and selling her art at affordable prices to make it easier to have an original piece of art in your home. “I don’t … Continue reading Shop Local, Shop Etsy: I Paint Words

Shop Local, Shop Etsy: Picket Fence Handmade

Picket Fence Handmade is a home décor company that specializes in unique, whimsical and humours wood signs. They’ve been in business since 2013 and opened their Etsy shop in 2016 after realizing there was interest in their products outside of the Windsor-Essex region. Stacey Yott, the artist behind the home décor items, likes to keep things fresh and is always introducing new products to the … Continue reading Shop Local, Shop Etsy: Picket Fence Handmade

Local Author: Shay Lee Soleil

Windsor writer Shay Lee Soleil didn’t put her stories to paper until she had to take a medical leave from work. Soleil had just completed her radiation treatment for breast cancer and needed something to keep her mind busy while she recovered. “All these thoughts were running wild in my head and I had to rush to write them down before they were lost,” said Soleil. … Continue reading Local Author: Shay Lee Soleil

Call for Submissions: Windsor Etsy Makers

Windsor Arts and Crafts is looking to post on-going profiles of residents of Windsor who have prominent Etsy shops. If you make a handmade item and have had an Etsy shop open for more than a year – we want to hear from you! If you are interested in being profiled on Windsor Arts and Crafts please fill out this simple questionnaire. If we are … Continue reading Call for Submissions: Windsor Etsy Makers