Shop Local, Shop Etsy: A Cup of Pretty

A Cup of Pretty started off as many handcrafted businesses do – LaQuita Bergeron had made some glitter-dipped wine glasses for friends and family, who were all delighted with their new drink-ware. Sparked by their positive feedback, LaQuita decided to open up her own Etsy shop.

LaQuita is active in local craft shows, including Etsy: Made in Canada’s upcoming Spring show on May 6 at the St. Clair Beach Community Centre. Her Etsy shop has been open since 2015 and has over 200 sales.

“I get to reach people that I don’t know and aren’t local,” said LaQuita, about running an Etsy shop. “I also love how easy the set-up is.”

The shop specializes in glitter dipped drink-ware with fun and playful sayings. Customers can choose from wineglasses, glass tumblers, coffee mugs, and mason jars. The latest best seller is the “40 is Fine When you Look 29” wine glass.

You can visit the Etsy Shop or check out the shop’s Facebook page.

Photos courtesy of A Cup of Pretty.


Do you live in Windsor and have your own Etsy shop with handmade items? If so, Windsor Arts and Crafts would like to feature you in your very own article! Click here for more information!


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