Dance Theatre Group Brings Norse Mythology to the Stage


Windsor Dance eXperience’s production of The Valkyrie will be taking place this weekend at the Capitol Theatre.

The dance theatre group, who performs shows with original scripts set to modern music, recently celebrated their fifteen year anniversary in May. The Valkyrie features both their intermediate and senior casts.

The show is a re-telling of the tale of Siegfried and Brunhilde:

“In Norse Mythology, the Valkyrie are a group of mythical female warriors sent by the god, Odin, to collect the slain on the battlefield who are worthy to go to Valhalla. In a moment of compassion, young Valkyrie Brunhilde saves a mortal’s soul and is cursed for disobeying Odin. She descends into a whirlwind of love, deception, and loss in this epic tale told entirely through dance and inspired by the Norse Saga.”

Performances are on Saturday, June 2 at 7:00pm and Sunday, June 3 at 2:30pm. Tickets can be purchased on-line.

For more information about the show, you can visit their Facebook event page or watch the show’s trailer. For more information about Windsor Dance eXperience you can visit their website, Facebook page, or follow them on Instagram.

The dance group has plenty of activities for kids and teens planned for the summer, including a dance camp, a choreographer workshop, and drop-in dance classes.

Photos by John Chan.

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